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Last Updated 12/24/19:

No, this is not my full-time job. Photography is my passion and my professional hobby. I have zero motivation in making money off of my photos and regularly turn down paying photo work in order to cover wrestling and other sports in a non-biased way. I also give away thousands of photos per year in order to promote the sport I love. It was a photo that got me interested in wrestling over 20 years ago and hopefully my photos will inspire other kids to get involved in this great, life-changing, sport.       

My business practices (the way they are) will never net me any sort of profit from my photography work. And I'm fine with that. I'm happy to give back to the sport of wrestling (the sport that has given me so much in life). My goal each year is to break even on my equipment costs and other cost incurred by taking photos. Usually for every $1 I contribute (not including time) to my photography work I get less than 10 cents back from sales, support, food, etc.

I expect the people who can't pay for photos to enjoy the Free-ness of the site. I expect those who can afford a little to buy a little and/or support a little and enjoy the Free-ness of the site. And I expect those that can splurge and those that can spend a lot, to buy from and/or support the site while enjoying the Free-ness. Everyone who buys from and/or supports the site can know that they are helping to provide this Free-ness to everyone. 

Whenever I can I like to publish ALL of the photos I take from an event (minus the out of focus and the "what was I thinking" ones). In the days of 35mm film, a great photographer was one who could get the most publishable photos out of their roll of film. Timing was key, lighting was important. But in today's age of low priced DSLRs any person can go out and take a few thousand photos from an event and post just their best ones.  I like to challenge myself and judge myself on the quality of ALL of the photos I take from an event. So it might take me awhile to publish ALL of the photos. But I think I do a great job, and I'm glad that everyone has a photo from the event.

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The Basics

Now that SJanickiPhoto.com is practically a FREE photo site (All photos after Jan 1st 2014 are all LARGE, High Quality Photos, with a SMALL watermark) I've decided to introduce this new page for those who enjoy my photos and what to give money to support my photography.

As many of you know taking photos is not cheap and I run my site quite differently than most other photographers. Some photographers are paid upfront for their services, others are paid to go (or go freely) to an event and then sell the images online. Usually when they sell their photos online the preview is small, it has a huge watermark across it, and/or it is right-click-to-save protected. Sometimes the pre-buy images are not even cut or edited. It is all in attempt to make money off of the photo. 

I on the other hand do my services for free and put up large, high quality photos with a relatively small watermark in the corner. Yes, people can still buy photos without the watermark via prints or downloads. But very very few people (maybe 1 in a few thousand) buy anything due to the quality and size of what I offer for free. It's always a big deal when I make that one photo sale per month.

I take photos because I love doing it and my high standard of quality prevents me from just throwing them up on the site without being properly cut and edited. Wrestling photography is my largest photographic passion due to my deep involvement with the sport, the coverage I provide is my way of giving back to the sport that I love. I wasn’t the best wrestler back in high school and I certainly wasn’t the best wrestler at the collegiate level, but I can take great wrestling photos. I capture wrestlers from the elite to beginning level and take pride in the fact that I can give them a free high quality photo that they can share and be proud of. I've expanded my skill set to include other sports and I'm very happy that I can give those athletes the same quality of photos for free as well. They work hard to compete and I work hard to provide great photos.

So hopefully there are supporters out there that are willing to give a little (or a lot) to help me pay for equipment and travel to events so that I can use my photographic talents and continue to provide free coverage and 10s of thousands of free photos per year. Feel free to email me if you want recognition or more info on how you can support the work that I do.

Thank You!

THANK YOU For Your Support!

Photo Costs & Time

I strive to take the highest quality photos that I can. Doing so takes a great investment of $ and time on my part. During wrestling season I routinely spend more than 40 hrs on wrestling (in addition to everything else I do) leaving me with just enough time to sleep (some) and eat (when I can). Yearly I spend more than $15k on my photographic endeavors: traveling, new equipment, backing-up photos, insurance, etc. I cover the vast majority of that cost.       

Examples of Costs & Time:

Michigan Home Dual (~7.5-11.5hrs, ~$155 not including cost of my time)

Prep Time - 1 hr

Travel To&From: ~30mins, <$5 (Gas)

Setup & Takedown Time: ~2hrs

Photo Taking Time: ~2-3hrs

Editing/Upload/Post Time: ~4-5hrs

Equipment Cost (for eventual replacement) & Business Costs (insurance, storage, etc): ~$150

Ohio State Home Dual (~16-18hrs, ~$200 not including cost of my time)

Prep Time - 1 hr

Travel To&From: ~6hrs, ~$30-40 (Gas)

Setup & Takedown Time: ~3hrs

Photo Taking Time: ~2-3hrs

Editing/Upload/Post Time: ~4-5hrs

Equipment Cost (for eventual replacement) & Business Costs (insurance, storage, etc): ~$175

No food, no hotel (means getting back home at 2am sometimes)

Southern Scuffle / Final X (~39-60hrs, ~$1500 not including cost of my time)

Prep Time - ~2-3hrs

Travel To&From: ~16-20hrs, ~$300-$400 (Driving, Rental, Gas)

Setup & Takedown Time: ~4hrs

Photo Taking Time: ~6hrs (Final X), 15-20hrs (2 day Tournament)

Editing/Upload/Post Time: ~6-12hrs

Travel Costs (Hotel, Food, Tolls, etc): ~ $300

Equipment Cost (for eventual replacement) & Business Costs (insurance, storage, etc): ~$400

Paying for one "vacation" day from work: ~$400

*Assumes I travel at night & sleep in car to & from event to save time and $