Hello everyone! And welcome to my photo site! A Little About Myself: I am a full time engineer with a deep passion for photography. Through out my entire life I've been an avid photographer and more than 8 years ago I decided to create this website to showcase my work. Since then I have become a nationally known photographer, specializing in wrestling photography. For the past few years I have covered more NCAA D1 Wrestling than any other photographer. I also strobe more wrestling events than any other photographer, creating the highest quality wrestling images that have ever been taken. My photos are everywhere and are published nationally almost daily.

I received my first digital camera when I was in 7th grade from my Dad, with that bulky 2MP camera I took thousands upon thousands of photos and really began my great interest into the world of photography. During my freshman year of college I finally decided to buy my first DSLR from Ebay and that launched me into another major growth phase in my photographic work. I was able to merge the love of my one sport (wrestling), that I have competed in since middle school, with photos. And I was able to take amazing photos of the world around me. During college I saved up and used my savings (and previous savings) to upgrade my equipment and expand my photographic ability. Out of college I've continued to invest in my passion and I continuously strive to take better and higher quality photos. At every event that I go to I strive to get the best possible photographs and then I go home and edit every single photo that you see on this site. I do have trouble cutting down on the number of photos I put on here (I love them all so much to leave them laying on a hard drive). I usually just say to myself that it only takes just one other person to enjoy it for it to be worth wild to put on here. So enjoy! Feel free to like me on Facebook (www.facebook.com/SJanickiPhotography) or Twitter @SJanickiPhoto to get up to date info on SJanicki Photography.

Updated 12/24/19

Feel to contact me (Sam) at SJanickiPhoto@gmail.com or via Social Media