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1. Watermarked photos (on this site and Facebook) are photos and can be right clicked and saved, shared, and printed WITH THE WATERMARK LEFT INTACT. They are "Large" to "3XLarge" sized photos and will make an alright sized 4X6 print, low resolution computer/phone background, Facebook profile pic, etc.

2.Watermarks are NOT PRESENT on prints/downloads that you buy.

3. Photos that you buy can only be used for your own PERSONAL uses. Not for other uses. Again if you choose to buy the photo (my prices are really cheap compared to others) that "SJanicki Photography" or "" watermark or other mark in the lower right hand corner disappears.

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5. I've been getting a few requests for use of my photos in various publications (magazines, newsletters, newspapers, etc). Some just take one of the photos with that big watermark attached. But I'd be totally happy to give you a free, high quality, un-watermarked, version to use as long as you give me credit in the byline and don't make any money off of the photo. So just email me with a request.