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7/17/14: I just signed a new lease so I'll be in the Ann Arbor area for the next year or so!

6/8/14: Congradulations Braden and Hunter! The Cerebral Palsy Swagger Finish Line Photos are here:  Click Here Enjoy!

5/15/14: All of the MUSAW State Championships Photos are now up! Enjoy!

5/6/14: I'll be at the Michigan USA Wrestling Freestyle/Greco State Championships this weekend!

4/30/14: Games 1 & 2 From the Michigan Vs Nebraska Baseball Series are up as well as Michigan Men's Lacrosse Vs Robert Morris Photos. Enjoy!

4/26/14: I've been to a few events this weekend (Baseball Vs Nebraska and Men's Lacrosse) those photos will be going up through out the week.

4/24/14: Michigan Baseball Vs BGSU Photos are up. Enjoy!

4/22/14: Michigan Men's Lacrosse Vs Yale Photos are up.

4/21/14: My camera is back from Nikon so I'll be updating the Ocker and Munger Construction Projects probably twice weekly now. And I took photos at the Michigan Men's Lacrosse Vs Yale game on Saturday which I'll get up soon.

4/9/14: I updated the Support Page today.

3/26/14: All B10 Photos are up! Enjoy!

3/23/14: All NCWA Nationals photos are up. B10 Photos will hopefully all be up in a few days.

3/20/14: Like SJanickiPhoto on Facebook for updates on when Sessions are uploaded.

3/17/14: The NCWA Nationals photos are slowly going up, Finals are up.

3/13/14: I'm at the NCWA Nationals taking thousands of photos. I can't edit many photos on my 5 year old laptop so photos will not start going up until next week.

3/10/14: So I'm taking my time editing the almost 3k photos that I took at Big 10s. Finals will be up tomorrow. The rest... hopefully in the coming days. Feel free to check out the Support Page. The NCWA Nationals photos will go up quicker.

3/3/14: All of the NCWA Great Lakes Conference Championships Photos are up! Enjoy!


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